When being asked to create a visual narrative about the idea of lightness, I decided to base my narrative around the symbiotic relationship between dark and light, as one can’t exist without the other. While reading Six Memos for the Next Millennium by Italo Calvino, I was inspired by a poem about the moon, so I made the moon my main concept and focus because while it is a massive celestial body, it floats in the sky as if weightless and it also reflects light.

To convey the relationship between light and dark, I decided to keep the color scheme very muted by using only differing values of gray. The paper texture mimics the idea of a storybook, which reinforces the idea that it is a narrative or story. Rather than selecting a musical track for the video, I decided to use the sound of wind through the trees. To me, this better represented the atmosphere of lightness that I was aiming for.

View Silenziosa Luna by visiting the following link: Silenziosa Luna