Giusti Family Pasta

Giusti Pasta was a self directed project. It is a packaging system which includes pasta, pasta sauces, and glass pasta containers. I wanted to create something that could visually compete with other pasta packages one would find on the grocery store shelf. I studied many brands of pasta, and created a list of things that I believed would make their packaging better. Taking my list into consideration, in the end I came up with something that is both modern, yet playful, and also features hidden details that other companies might ignore. For example, the dot patterns behind the labels. Also, I limited the written content so the customer has all the info they need, and the pasta is able to be seen more fully.

Hops Snob

I was asked to create a product and packaging system that solved a problem. Due to my love for all beers, big or small, the problem I decided to solve was how to combine beer drinking, and education, to produce a more meaningful drinking experience. I decided to create my own beer company named Hops Snob which involved creating the identity, and applying it to all materials. With so many different components, having a very consistent brand or identity was important.

To appeal to an audience that ranges from avid beer drinkers to beer novices, it was important that the brand identity resemble something that was high-end but that also felt accessible. The Hops Snob identity is a combination of rustic and modern so I decided that contrasting colors and textures would work with it nicely. For example, printed materials such as the booklet and the bottle labels were done on glossy paper, but the box and the aspen wood fibers are raw and coarse.