Voting Campaigns

While working at Met Media, I produced designs and promotional materials for two voting campaigns. The first being Your Vision Your Decision, and the second being Yes On Rec. While Yes On Rec was for a specific vote, Your Vision Your Decision was a generic voting campaign that promoted the vote in general. It told students when, where, and what was being voted on. I consider these two campaigns to be among my favorite projects that I’ve worked on because they had a purpose, and they created change. The passing of Yes On Rec not only increased Campus Recreations budget, it also made a difference of twenty-thousand dollars in Met Media’s budget. In addition, the Your Vision Your Decision campaign help raised voter turnout by about four-hundred percent.

MLK Jr. Peace Breakfast

The Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Breakfast was one of my most important assignments at Met Media. I was a member of a committee, and I was the designer for all marketing materials related to the event. The program was a particularly unique design as rather than a booklet, it was a modified accordion fold brochure. It also had dual purposes, as there was poster related to that year’s theme on the back side. The main logo made reference to MLK’s Mountain Top speech, and also symbolized the longevity and power of his message and leadership. It also featured Nelson Mandela, Dr. Vincent Harding, and Maya Angelou as all had passed away that year.

Pill Popper

I’ve always found the daunting amount of side effects caused by medication to be ridiculous, so I wanted to find a way to create a data visualization that accurately depicted the huge amount of side effects, and the medications that would “solve” them. Specifically, I decided to research, and visualize, all of the symptoms caused by taking the antidepressant called Lexipro.

I decided that the best way to show the enormous amount of data was through the style of a family tree. I used Microsoft Word to document and organize every symptom and medication which was then imputed into the design. While a serious topic, I used rounded shapes and playful colors to create a more friendly, and almost humorous, aesthetic.

Media Kit

The Media Kit was one of the first projects I was assigned at Met Media. This project helped me get the hang of Adobe InDesign which previously had been a program that I struggled with. As this was one of the first things to be designed with the new logos, designed by Hannah Badwan, in a sense, what I did with it directed the way all future branding for Met Media would be done.

In addition to designing and organizing the flow of the information, I also designed all the graphics. I really pushed to go for vector art over photography firstly because I wanted more experience creating them, but also because the photos might date the work.